Mercurio Design Lab Italian Design in Asia

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Massimo Mercurio

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 8.75 in x 11.75 in
Pages: 312
Illustrations: 350 color
Name of series: Master Architect Series

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  • Celebrates Massimo Mercurio's architectural experimentation and sculpture in Singapore, combining architecture in Asia with Italian design
  • Forms part of IMAGES' extensive Master Architect series
  • Showcases MDL's creation of dramatic and futuristic buildings for villas, country clubs, commercial high-rises and residential complexes prevalent in Asia

"This is genuine creativity, not a blinding moment of revelation, but a constant enquiry consisting of endless experiment, of trial and error, of moments of discovery linked by lengthy periods of sheer hard work and attention to detail." - Paul McGillick

Formed in 2008, Mercurio Design Lab (MDL) masterfully manages to express its design potential in Singapore. Lead by Massimo Mercurio, a rare architectural polymath who is motivated by a strong spirit of innovation, philosophy and experimentation, MDL seeks to elevate and balance the synergies of the Asian architectural context with indomitable Italian style and tradition. MDL considers its projects as artistic masterpieces and makes a special contribution to the architectural scene of the city through the creation of dramatic and futuristic buildings, always respecting three fundamental criteria: the functional, the aesthetic and the social. This richly illustrated monograph is a comprehensive review of MDL's exceptional artistry and diversity and it s another icon for IMAGES' Master Architect series, an absolute must for all collectors of beautiful books on sophisticated global architectural culture.

Massimo Mercurio was born in Rome, Italy in 1969. His father, Alfonso, is an architect and Massimo's early upbringing exposed him to very broad and rich cultural influences. This early breadth was sustained throughout his education. He is a firm believer in a broad and inclusive approach both to one's personal as well as one's professional life. Massimo Mercurio moved to Asia at the age of 24 experiencing life in Bangkok and Singapore where he eventually settled down. The Italian designer is a versatile personality whose interests and experiences span from theoretical physics to architecture, from philosophy to project management. During the fifteen years in Asia he gathered experiences in design, construction and project management. His interest in art focuses both on the theoretical and practical front. The former sees his works focus on establishing a philosophical framework aimed at supporting the inception of an original style emerging out of the new creative fringes of the East. The latter is concerned with the conceptualisation and execution of dedicated projects designed to spread and represent the manifestation of his theories.