Richard Bertman The Sculptures

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Christina Lanzl

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 7 in x 9 in
Pages: 236
Illustrations: 100 color

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  • Provides a thoughtful and comprehensive account by renowned writer Christina Lanzl, on Bertman's intersection of art and life, sculpture and architecture
  • Covers Richard Bertman's early works, how he draws the figure 'in space', his kinetic sculptures, wood carvings, and how he infuses his works with comic relief
  • Includes a full inventory of Bertman's sculptures
  • Features full-color photography of Bertman's vivid sculptures, studies, illustrations and sketches

Richard Bertman is a Renaissance man who divides his creative inquiry between his sculpture studio and his architecture practice. Christina Lanzl, PhD, assembled a catalogue raisonné of Richard Bertman's three-dimensional artwork, including a complete inventory of sculptures. The path from line to mass, the kinetic works, the spatial drawings in metal and bent wire, and the smaller group of wood sculptures are described and interpreted while simultaneously imparting the artist's voice in the form of individual statements. Considered are form and materiality to shed light on the creative process. Art historical references and precedents provide context and frame of reference for interpretation. An attempt to address the relationship or cross-fertilization of art and architecture is also made. A separate chapter is devoted to humor because of its pervasive presence in Bertman's artistic oeuvre. Visit the artist's website for additional information and to capture the movement of select kinetic sculptures on video:

For over fifty years Richard Bertman has been sculpting, drawing and leading an architectural practice. Gradually assembling a lifetime's work, Bertman's sculptural creations encompass over 100 works from five decades. The sculptures bear testimony to a boundless energy and the creativity of a Renaissance man, both an artist and a renowned architect.