Art Derivatives

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Ding Fang

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 7 in x 9.25 in
Pages: 256
Illustrations: 200 color

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An art derivative is a kind of cultural and creative product that is derived from often quite famous artworks; the creation of these products is becoming an increasingly popular trend across the art markets, museums and galleries. Art derivatives are generally seen to be an affordable option (when compared to the artwork itself), easy to purchase, and can often be mass produced, making it easier for the layperson to obtain. It's not unusual for museums, galleries, designers, and artists to collaborate in designing and developing art derivatives.

This highly illustrated book presents some of the most popular art derivatives across the world, including the best-selling products found in well-known museums, such as MoMA in New York and the V&A in London. Readers are shown how the supply of art objects and products are making a greater reach into the public realm, and how these objects help to enrich people's lives.

Ding Fang, designer and editor, has published many professional design books.

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