Homes with Soul Designing with Heart

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Orly Robinzon

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 7.75 in x 10 in
Pages: 296
Illustrations: 600 color

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  • Home as haven in this lavish color presentation of beautiful family environments: living rooms, bedrooms (including charming children s rooms), private nooks, and gardens
  • Expert guidance on color, texture, lighting, furniture, and art and other decorative elements from renowned Israeli interior designer Orly Robinson

Sumptuously illustrated with photographs and room schemes that are bound to inspire, Homes with Soul is the definitive interior design guide from renowned designer, Orly Robinzon. This stunning book showcases inspiring images of the room schemes of some of her latest projects. Offering invaluable advice on creating beautiful aesthetic spaces for making a home, Robinzon shares her inspirational tips and advice to help you with your next home-decorating project, however big or small in scale, to ensure it is functional, beautifully designed, and provides an interior that blends seamlessly with any landscape or outdoor environment, and which suits the way you live. Robinzon provides expert guidance on her use of color, texture, lighting, furniture, art and other decorative elements to create a comfortable and elegant home that imbues an emotional response, and resonates with those looking to create a stylish and cosy sanctuary at home.

Orly Robinzon is the author of more than 10 books on interior design. She creates works that blend the different worlds of interior design, architectural innovation, and art. Robinzon studied architecture in high school and helped her father in the family business designing villas and private homes in Israel. Later on, she felt a burning desire to explore design in book form, one topic at a time. As a result, Robinzon's lushly photo-illustrated works are often bestsellers. Her work covers a wide variety of styles and design solutions. Her titles focus intimately on the mulit-faceted design elements for each room of a private house or apartment, including the main living spaces, kitchen design, and general garden design. She has created books on children's rooms and garden design in Israel, including modern minimalist abodes. The Robinzon collection of books also includes an inside look at 40 avant-garde restaurants and cafés; portraits of the life and work of Israeli architects Saadia Mandel and Jonathan Monjack; and a 550-page tome devoted to outstanding Israeli designers working in fashion, ceramics, jewellery, accessories and interior design.