Fashion Illustration: Contemporary Haute Couture

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Eris Tran

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The Images Publishing Group
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 6.75 in x 9.5 in
Pages: 208
Illustrations: 200 color

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  • Showcases 100 color illustrations of stunning evening gowns by emerging illustrator Eris Tran. Focuses on detailed close-ups, with insightful descriptions of the dress in the illustrator's own words

Eris Tran is an emerging artist and fashion illustrator from Vietnam, who has gained an international reputation through social media, thanks to his incredible work within the fashion industry. He has depicted classically gorgeous gowns with a contemporary twist, and illustrated the haute couture of some of the world's most famous designers. His superb sketches illustrate his ability to perfectly capture the intricate detail of fabrics, be they delicate silks, bold brocades, or diaphanous sheers, with form on paper, and showcase his avant-garde approach to dress design.

Fashion illustration: Contemporary Haute Couture showcases 100 exquisitely hand-painted evening dresses, each one captioned by ErisTran in his own words, offering a wonderful insight into his inspiration, drawing style, and individual dress motifs.